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  • 21st August 2023
17 of the Best Hikes in Phoenix for All Levels
Arizona is a top destination to experience the American desert, and the best hikes in Phoenix showcase the finest scenery in the state. From leisurely strolls through desert washes to sky-high peaks with insane views below, there are no shortage of options to explore, with each trail offering a little something different. Wander among colossal saguaros and colorful wildflowers under brilliant desert sunsets – the best hikes in Phoenix have something for everyone. Keep reading to discover the best hikes near Phoenix that shouldn’t be missed.
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  • 24th July 2023
Night Camping 101: 14 Things to Do While Camping at Night
As the sun goes down, you may be scratching your head, wondering: “well, what now?” But night camping is a great way to experience nature after dark, with plenty of activities to enjoy. The fun has only just begun. The atmosphere changes when light dissipates around the campsite, making for a cozy (or spooky) evening sleeping under the stars. The glare of bonfires pops up here and there, with the aroma of warm dinners and the promise of scary stories in the near future. Can you smell it already? In this article, we round up 14 activities for camping at night so that you can keep the excitement going even without the sun. These unique ideas are great for all ages and ensure the good times don’t stop even when the daylight does.
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  • 5th July 2023
The 5 Best Shaded Hikes in The Southwest
Every true Southwesterner enjoys a good hike from time to time. What’s better than spending the day trekking through unique landscapes, your blood pumping as you stretch out a body that’s used to sitting all week long? Only the unbeatable sense of accomplishment when you round the last corner of a hiking trail and think back on the journey you’ve just made! In the harsh summer heat, however, it’s becoming harder to find an invigorating trail that won’t leave you exposed to the sun for hours. Luckily, there are few hidden gems you can visit where forests and mountains protect pathways from the worst of the glare. So, pack all of your hiking essentials, book a campervan, and read on to discover which of the 5 best shaded hikes in the Southwest will be your perfect vacation destination!
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  • 27th April 2023
20 Incredible Day Trips from San Diego (2 Hours or Less!)
Looking for a quick trip or a change of scenery? We’ve rounded up the best day trips from San Diego that offer everything from tours to outdoor activities and so much more. Whether you’re visiting from out of state or seeking a getaway in your own backyard, there are plenty of destinations within two hours that showcase the best of California and beyond. There’s a lot to enjoy in this neck of the woods – Keep Reading to turn your day trip into an overnighter.
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  • 23rd March 2023
12 Small Camper Van Interior Ideas to Maximize Space and Comfort
Looking for small camper van interior ideas? You’re in the right place. I spent nearly three years living in (and building!) my dream camper van. It wasn’t the biggest on the market, so we had to get creative with the space and come up with unique solutions to make the most of the bite-sized interior. Luckily, my friend is an architect with an eye for design and a passion for beautiful spaces. In this article, I dish out everything we learned about making a cozy home on wheels, with plenty of small camper van interior ideas to try out yourself.
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  • 20th March 2023
Best Time to Visit Death Valley
Death Valley is a place that you must see at least once in your life. A total bucket list destination, there’s a lot to experience in the area, but it’s important to choose the best time to visit Death Valley so you can enjoy the desert in all its glory. Keep reading for our complete guide on the best time to visit Death Valley (including Death Valley weather by month), along with the specific times of year to visit if you want to see sights like wildflowers or the Milky Way.
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  • 17th February 2023
20 Pop Up Camper Accessories You Need For Any Trip
Headed on an adventure? There are a few pop up camper accessories that will make your outing a breeze. From everyday essentials to hygiene and leisure items, this list has everything you need for a comfortable camping trip. The best part about preparing a pop up camper for the road is they require far less than a large RV or even a standard campervan. These low-key camping vehicles are the cream of the crop when it comes to freedom fueled expeditions around the U.S. (and beyond). Keep reading to discover our top pop up camper accessories to carry you through any trip on your calendar.
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  • 15th February 2023
13 Best Hikes in Joshua Tree for All Fitness Levels
The best hikes in Joshua Tree have something for everyone: enchanting desert scenery, expansive valleys, crumbling mines, and rugged mountain peaks. With easily accessible viewpoints to strenuous eight-hour treks, Joshua Tree hikes cater to all fitness levels and ensure everyone has the chance to enjoy the park landscapes. Keep reading to discover the best hikes in Joshua Tree, whether you’re looking for a quick stroll through the cacti or an epic, lengthy trail.
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  • 7th February 2023
16 Amazing One-Pot Camping Meals to Make On Your Next Trip
Most people think that because you’re camping or living in a van (or an RV), you can’t eat well. I’m here to dispel that myth because I ate like a queen while living in a campervan for two years, mostly thanks to one-pot camping meals. One-pot camping meals are the absolute best – you can make gourmet dishes without the mess, which is invaluable in the world of living outdoors. Only having one pot to clean at the end of the night means you can spend more time enjoying and less time tidying up… because, let’s be real, who actually wants to do dishes after getting their chef on? Whether you’re cooking over a camp stove or have a full kitchen set up in your van or RV, these are the best one-pot camping meals to try out on the road.
Joshua Tree National Park Read More
  • 3rd February 2023
21 Incredible Things to Do in Joshua Tree (2023)
When it comes to things to do in Joshua Tree, there are no shortage of options. Whether you’re looking to explore the great California desert, immerse yourself in unique art, or spend days eating and drinking, Joshua Tree truly has it all. We’ve rounded up the 21 absolute best things to do in Joshua Tree for this visit or your next one. Be sure to keep reading to discover everything this incredible area has to offer!
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  • 16th January 2023
Best Campervan and RV Travel Apps To Make Life Easier On The Road
A campervan or RV road trip is always a good idea, but it’s a better idea to make sure you’re prepared before you leave. Alongside packing all the essentials, you’ll also need to download some very useful apps.
From navigating your way through remote hiking trails to saving cash on your gas refill, these apps will help out a lot during your next trip. What’s more: all of these apps are available for free, although some may have more in-depth features that you can purchase.
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  • 13th January 2023
Camping in Sedona: 11 Amazing Sedona Campgrounds for Tents, Vans, and RVs (2023)
Camping in Sedona has so much to offer: breathtaking scenery, spacious sites, tremendous recreational activities, and a whole lot more. If you’re looking to experience the best of Arizona’s outdoors, there’s no better way than at Sedona campgrounds. Whether you’re looking for barebone basics or luxury facilities, you can find it all within a short drive from downtown.
Keep reading to discover the best campgrounds, Sedona RV parks, and free dispersed camping in Sedona to make the most of your time in Arizona.