Camper vans FAQs

Can I go over the daily limit?

Yes, we have multiple mileage packages, you can add to your booking.

Can I rent the vehicle one way?

Unfortunately not at the moment, but we’re in the process of expanding to other areas where this option will be available. (San Francisco Bay area, Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix, Seattle 

How much of a reservation deposit is required?

$700. This amount will be kept up to 7 days after the car’s return.

How much room do the vehicles have for luggage?

It depends on the vehicle you rent. Generally, all our rentals have enough space for luggage and camping gear. We also have add-on options for renters, who require more space.

Is there a discount for longer rental durations?

Yes, we have all kinds of discounts and packages. Weekly and monthly rental discounts are applied automatically and vary depending on the season and time of year.

Can I drive off road?

No, off road, rock crawling and other extreme activities are not permitted under any circumstances. However, overlanding and flat dirt road access to camping sites are okay.

Do I need an international, US driver’s license?

Yes. For international, we’ll require additional information that show full name and address.

We’re new to camping, Is this for us?

Yes. Our campers are easy to use and provide a more comfortable experience than traditional camping. This makes them perfect for beginners. We also provide add-ons and services that make your trip as enjoyable as possible including attraction guidance, a shower, cooler, fridge, drone and more

How do I operate the rooftop tent?

Our rooftop tents are very user friendly. You just unfold them and pop them on or off.

Do you offer support during the rental period?

Of course! Our team will go above and beyond to ensure you have an enjoyable trip. A team member will be available to answer your questions 7 days a week. Don’t hesitate to ask us for anything you need.

Are the vehicles pet friendly?

Yes. However, a pet cleaning fee will be applied.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, you are required by law to carry driver’s insurance when driving a rental vehicle. We help customers by providing different insurance coverage options.

What are the pick-up and drop-off options?

Our rigs are currently in Torrance, CA (20 minutes from airport) and in Phoenix, AZ (25 minutes from Airport). We’re flexible on the pick-up and drop off time. We also offer airport pick-up services at an additional cost when requested.

What kind of weather can the rooftop handle?

The rooftop can handle any type of non-extreme weather including moderate wind, rain and snowfall.