best Phone Apps for Your Campervan Adventure

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  • 13th May 2022
The Best Ways to Entertain Kids on a Campervan Road Trip
A road trip in a campervan offers more space and flexibility for your family than a regular car journey does. As exciting as it is to bring the whole family on a big vacation, you may not want to spend your whole time on top of each other. Choosing a motorhome or a campervan with a lounge area benefits families as children can sit around a table and play games with each other as their parents relax and drive in the front. Whatever amazing destination you have picked out, a campervan trip means there will be lots of time spent on the road. Learn how to keep your kids entertained while you drive with these handy tips.
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  • 6th May 2022
Hot Water Heater in Camper
There’s always a good excuse to go on a campervan road trip and the sunny weather means that nature enthusiasts are already mapping out their driving routes. Whether you’re planning on a weekend trip or are beginning your adventure as a Digital Nomad (someone who lives and works on the road), you’ll need to know how to keep yourself clean in a campervan. A lot of our motorhomes at TB Outdoor Rentals will come fitted with a shower, but the more compact campervans and truck campers do not have the space for this facility. In this blog, you will learn about the different types of portable water heaters and where you might locate a hot shower on the go.
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  • 4th May 2022
The Best Places to See Wildlife in California
Springtime is here and the sunny skies are calling out to all of California’s wildlife, from the gracious mule deer in his prime to the tiny hawk who’s just learnt how to fly. This exciting state is packed full of wonder and wildlife and we don’t want you to miss a thing! This guide to all the best marine refuges, nature reserves, and bird watching paradises will give you everything you need to begin planning your adventure. So choose a campervan, pick a perfect weekend, and read on to discover where to go!
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  • 29th April 2022
Best Free Camping Apps
Renting a campervan and taking to the open road is the perfect way to enjoy the sunny spring days. While some prefer to leave technology behind on their road trip, phone apps can be undeniably useful on a campervan adventure. From finding yourself a parking space to identifying wildflowers, there’s a way to make everything easier with your phone. Save yourself some stress on your next road trip by downloading these helpful apps before you leave.