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  • 12th September 2022
The Best RV Parks & Campgrounds in Arizona
Find The Perfect Destination For Your Vacation! From the twisted beauty of the Grand Canyon to the captivating stillness of the Sonoran Desert, the endlessly transforming landscape of Arizona calls out to travelers from around the world. While some prefer to make a clean trip and fly to an airport before taking a bus to their pristine hotel room, this cuts away at the real wonder of the experience. The best part of any Arizona trip is the long drive through the rugged terrain. Stopping every few minutes because you saw an interesting desert plant or a strangely-shaped mountain. Passing by roadside diners that have been serving travelers for decades. Making memories on your campervan journey through a strange new world. But, eventually, you’ll need to find a place to park for the night and settle back under the stars. Whether you prefer hiking hotspots, resort vacations, or sleeping deep in the wilderness, you can be inspired by this guide to the best RV Parks and Campgrounds in Arizona!
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  • 29th July 2022
The Best Lakes For Swimming & Fishing In Arizona
Find Your Perfect Summer Vacation Destination!
Summer temperatures in Arizona can reach uncomfortable levels as the clouds flee from the sun’s glare. The desert state is known for its beautiful, dry landscape and it can be a challenge to find a refreshing oasis among the astonishing rock formations. Thankfully, there are many secluded watering holes around the state where you can go to cool off if you know where to look.
Arizona’s greatest lakes are vast and picturesque, perfect for a revitalizing swimming vacation or that weekend fishing trip you keep pushing back. So don’t miss out on an unforgettable campervan lake trip this summer. Read on to discover the best lakes for swimming and fishing in Arizona.
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  • 27th July 2022
The Coolest Summer Vacation Packing Guide
What To Bring On Your Summer Vacation!
Renting a campervan for your summer vacation is really the best way to travel. With an RV, you are offered flexibility, comfort, and (most importantly) space. Not only can your friends and family relax as you drive, but you can also fit everything you need for the summer in one vehicle!
If you’re not quite sure where to go yet, you may be inspired by our list of unforgettable summer destinations and awesome family-friendly campsites. Once you’ve chosen your ideal vacation spot, you just need to know what to pack. Don’t leave anything behind with the help of the ultimate summer vacation packing guide!
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  • 22nd July 2022
Best Places to Surf in California
Visit The Best Surfing Spots This Summer!
Sun, sea, and bright blue skies. What more do you need on a summer vacation?
Well, if you’re the active type, a sturdy surfboard wouldn't go amiss. And where better to go surfing than the gorgeous Pacific coastline of Southern California? So grab your favorite board, hop in your rented camper, and read on to discover the five best surfing beaches in Southern California.
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  • 20th July 2022
How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep In Your Campervan
The Best Ways To Sleep Comfortably In A Campervan
Campervan road trips are a lot of fun, but the constant call to adventure can be tiring if you don’t get enough rest each evening. If you’re someone who struggles to fall asleep normally, you may find it especially challenging to drift off in a rented campervan.
Reaching a deep slumber on a camping trip is easy enough once you know how to do it. It’s just a matter of making your surroundings feel safe and comfortable. Follow these great tips and tricks to learn how to get a good night’s sleep in your campervan.
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  • 14th July 2022
The Best Summer Camping Recipes!
What To Cook On Your Summer Campervan Trip!
So, you’re finally setting off on that legendary campervan road trip you always wanted? Then, congratulations!
Summer is here and it’s time to start thinking ahead about what you’ll actually do during your vacation! Sure, you have to book a campsite and find the perfect destination, deciding whether you prefer beaches, hiking, fishing, or wildlife spotting. But you also need to think about what camping meals you’ll cook along the way…
Read on to find out what essential foods to bring along and discover some delicious summer recipes to cook in your campervan!
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  • 11th July 2022
Visit These 5 Unbelievable Geological Landmarks In California!
The Top 5 Geological Features & Ancient Landmarks In The Sunshine State!
The complex tectonic formation of the U.S. West Coast, plus millions of years of erosion, has created some impossibly beautiful landscapes throughout California. The towering mountain ranges and intriguing rock formations that you find in areas like Death Valley or Yosemite are already impressive. But there are a few unique landmarks that will take your appreciation of nature’s power to the next level. Discover the most astonishing geological features that California has to offer on your next campervan road trip.
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  • 2nd July 2022
Visit The Breathtaking Yosemite National Park This Summer!
The Best Ways to Experience Yosemite with Your Campervan!
Discover the world-famous landscapes of Yosemite National Park on an epic road trip this summer. It's time to bring your friends and family on an adventure they’ll never forget. The summer roads to the legendary Yosemite Park are finally open, so now’s your chance to rent a campervan and go on that Yosemite road trip you’ve been thinking about for ages!
Don’t know what to do on your first trip to Yosemite? Don’t worry!
TB Outdoor Rentals has you covered with this adventurer’s guide on the best way to experience Yosemite National Park on a campervan trip!
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  • 17th June 2022
How To Stay Cool in a Campervan This Summer

All The Best Ways to Beat the Summer Heat!
The American Southwest can get scorching hot in the summer. Even in a spacious, airy campervan, the constant sunshine can dramatically raise the temperature of the vehicle as you drive along.
If you’re planning a road trip soon, you’ll want to know how to keep your RV at a comfortable temperature before you set off. Stay cool this summer with these refreshing tips on how to beat the heat in your campervan!
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  • 15th June 2022
The Best RV Parks and Campgrounds to Stay in This Summer!
Where To Go With A Campervan During Summer Vacation!
Renting a campervan and departing on a road trip is an exciting and freeing adventure. The open road invites you to drive whenever and wherever you want, but you’ll eventually need to book a place to park for the night. Why not improve your road trip by picking a campground with fun activities or a breathtaking location?
While you usually choose an RV park near your summer destination, sometimes it’s worth planning a vacation around an amazing campsite. To offer inspiration, here’s a quick look into the best RV Parks and Campgrounds where you can find fun activities, stay close to sandy beaches, or get in touch with the natural world.
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  • 10th June 2022
How to Have a Pet-Friendly Campervan Vacation!
Top tips for traveling with dogs and cats!
Bringing your pet on a campervan road trip is an excellent way to see the world with your furry friend by your side. Dogs are well known for loving long bounding hikes, but did you know that some cats actually enjoy walking alongside their owners as well?
By choosing to travel with any type of RV, you are giving your pet room to roam on long drives. They’ll also be able to experience nature in a way that they never could from home. To help prepare yourself and your pet, here are some tips and guides on how to have a pet-friendly campervan vacation.
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  • 8th June 2022
The 6 Best Summer Destinations in The Southwest
Where to go with your campervan for the best summer vacation!
Nothing beats the unforgettable thrill of a campervan road trip in the summer. The sense of freedom you get when you take to the open road. The space you have for friends and family to relax on the drive. And the endless possibilities that wait along the way. Make the most out of the summer this year with an amazing campervan adventure!
To help you out, here’s a guide to the best summer vacation destinations in the Southwest. With perfect beaches, astonishing hikes, breathtaking landscapes, and dynamic cities, this shining corner of America truly has something for everyone.